24/7 Global Answer is a virtual business solutions provider, in the areas of Customer Service, Administration, Operations and Logistics. Providing both Live Answering, Customer Care and Dispatch services, as well as dedicated virtual staff and teams that work specifically for your business.

Our Leadership Team

Bryce Walshe

Chief Executive based in Australia and


Christian Marcello

President based in New York, USA 

Dee Mills

Vice President based in Sydney, Australia

Bryce started in the outsourcing business by outsourcing for his accommodation business (think Airbnb before Airbnb).

Realising he wasn't the only business that needed 24/7 answering, customer service, bookkeeping, social media and the list grows. Bryce spends his time between his two homes, 1 in the Philippines and 1 in Australia.

Christian has been working in businesses for decades and knows where to save money to make money.

He brings his business acumen to the table for all his clients with a style that gets down to business. He is results driven and has your success in mind.

Dee has been onboarding new clients and recruiting team members for her clients for over 4 years. She has an innate skill in being able to match team members to clients and their needs for now and into the future.

Dee is half Filipino and half Australian and brings the cultural bridge to the business that is needed for everyone's success.

Why Philippines?

Back in 2008 we started looking at outsourcing options for one of our first businesses at the time, we searched high and low looking at options in Australia, India and the Philippines, and after trialing the various options, it was settled that the Philippines be our country of choice.

Apart from the cost savings, one thing that really stood out to us was that the people were among the most committed we’d seen to helping one another work toward a common goal. But that wasn’t all. Read on for more reasons why the Philippines was chosen as the perfect base for our team.

English Proficiency

Educated Workforce

Westernized Society

English is one of three official languages in the Philippines and the country is home to the most proficient English speakers in Asia.

Many are surprised to learn that, in 2012, the Philippines were recognized as having the best Business English skills in the world; outdoing Australia, the UK, and yes – even the United States.

Combined with having almost no accent, Filipinos are a powerhouse in business process outsourcing.

Call center agents are more capable of making independent decisions and going off-script to meet customer needs than any other agents in the world.

The majority – approx. 95% – are college graduates in sciences such as nursing, information technology, and engineering. No account is too technical and no task is too difficult when you have that kind of dedication to education working for you.

We love that so many are able to think outside the box and design creative solutions on the fly.

One of the most effective ways to learn a language is to seek out and completely immerse yourself in the culture of the people whose language you’re learning.

Filipinos don’t have this problem. First, they are already English speakers. However, American pop culture is everywhere in the Philippines as American music, movies, and television shows dominate the airwaves.

This leads to zero conversational difficulty.

Because The World Runs 24/7

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