Our most frequently asked questions

Where are your staff located?

Our team are based across the Philippines, allowing for business continuity and minimal disruption to business processes

What happens if you have an electricity or telecommunication outage?

Our Philippine Offices have: 2x fibre-optic, and 1x microwave internet connection with automatic failover if one goes offline. Generator Backup Electricity Supply that starts automatically if mains power fails.  

By having a hybrid office, this allows for additional redundancy by having part of the team offsite.

How secure is our business and customer confidential information?

All of our staff have signed and are bound by individual confidentiality agreements that are locally enforceable, and we have had no breaches of confidentiality in our history of operations.  

We utilize secure Terminal Servers located in Australia, USA and Singapore, through the use of this system, the team cannot download any information to their personal computers.  

If part of the client requirements is credit card processing, our team will only undertake this if they have access to a PCI compliant portal to process this through. We will not send Credit Card Information via Email or any other unsecure means.

How do your staff know when a call is coming from us and when do they have access to our systems?

We utilize call centre management software that shows the staff member the necessary information and any scripts to help them engage with your clients.

How fluent are your staff in the English language?

All of our team are highly fluent in English both oral and written, this is a non-negotiable when we hire. if they can’t hold a conversation of at least 30-60 minutes with our native English speakers during their interview, they are not hired. 

How familiar are your staff with United States, Canada and English speaking countries?

Most of our team have previously worked with companies including the likes of Telstra, Optus, Verizon, Direct TV, Expedia, American Airlines, Jetstar.

As a general rule, the Philippines is very western culture orientated. They watch Netflix and listen to Top 40 music.

Will I have direct access to the team, or an account manager?

Dependent on your service plan, you will either have access to both an Account Manager, as well as our Day and Night Shift team leaders who will be at your service to answer any questions relating to the operation of your service, or to implement procedure changes or similar.  

If you have a Dedicated Team, you will have access to the above as well as direct access to your team members via Phone, Email and our collaboration software.

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