The way businesses work in the modern world has changed!

That's where we come in. 24/7 Global Answer allows you to streamline everything in work and life, allowing you the time to work on the things that matter most to you and your business.

We give you the ability to focus on the big picture while we take care of the details. Our Virtual Assistants can take care of all of your business’ customer service and administrative needs.

As a 24/7 Global Answer client, you'll work with a smart, capable, college educated and dedicated Virtual Assistant who works remotely from our Support Centers in the Philippines. 

Get the right level of support when you need it!

Get the right level of support when you need it! 24/7 Global Answer’s main aim is to help  make business better, and have the understanding that every business is unique, and we can tailor a solution that fits your needs.

We offer a number of options which can be completely tailored to your business requirements, whether it is a part time virtual staff member a few days a week, or a full time virtual assistant, through to full teams to handle specific or multiple functions of your business such as dispatching service calls, function as a front desk for your building, hotel or apartment, processing customer calls and orders, social media management, after sales support and the list goes on.

And all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff locally.

Got your attention? Welcome to Virtual Staffing by 24/7 Global Answer

Our Staffing Tiers

When choosing dedicated Virtual Assistants we recruit for your needs. Here are the base pricing structures depending on your required staffing solution

Tier 1


From $1175 per month

  • College Degree

  • Up to 12 months in workforce

  • Great for reactive type tasks

  • Similar to Fresh Graduate Level

  • Excellent addition to experiences teams with existing systems and processes

Types of Roles:

Very process, step by step jobs like call center, receptionist, data entry, basic customer service

Tier 2


$1450-$1730 per month

  • College Degree

  • Over 2 years in the workforce

  • Been in Office Environment

  • Great for a component of autonomous tasks with potential for proactive work

  • Considered a Contributor once established

Types of Roles:

The Doers of a Team eg: Social Media Assistant. High Value Customer Service, After Sales Customer Support, Tech Support Level 1, HR Support roles, bookkeeping

Tier 3


$1590-$1870 per month

  • College Degree

  • 3-4 years in the workforce

  • Lead a small team

  • Excellent understanding of workflow, systems and expectations around their job

  • Can work independently with oversight

Types of Roles:

CAD qualified draftsman, PHP Developers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Assistant Finance Roles – Revenue / Yield Management, Qualified Accountant assistants, Tech Support Level 2

Tier 4


$1730-$2005 per month

  • College Degree

  • 5+ years in the workforce

  • Knowledge leader in their field

  • Can lead a team, and work independently with occasional check-ins with their direct report

  • Can Infuse Innovation into business

Types of Roles:

Paralegal, Qualified Accountants, HR, Finance Roles

Tier 5


From $1870

  • College Degree

  • 8-10+ years in the workforce

  • Leader - can & will lead a team

  • Considered an Experienced Leader and can infuse innovation and ideas into your business

Types of Roles:

Any Senior Leadership Role with capacity to make decisions within their area of expertise and bring their experience and knowledge to contribute to your business

How does it work?








We Onboard


You Onboard

Through the consultation process we sit down with you, discuss your business goals and potential job roles, to create a custom outsourcing plan for your business.

Our Recruiters will source your candidates and provide you with short list of candidates and monthly costs

 Our team will setup a virtual meeting with you to interview the candidate(s)

Once you have selected your new virtual assistant, we onboard you as a client and handle all the day to day HR management of your new team member.

You onboard your new remote VA as you would a normal staff member. We can guide you in best practice for methods of communication. You have day to day direct communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we offer a set price?

When it comes to recruiting excellent staff, we want to ensure we get the right fit, at the right price for you, the client and also the team member. Staff retention is important. Paying someone what they are worth is a good strategy to keeping staff. Our tiered program gives you a cost range, once we understand the scope of work, we can establish what tier will suit best.

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